Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Book Review

The Turning by Davis Bunn, is a new novel, just out this month. Published by Moody, it is 292 pages in length.

The book opens with Trent Cooper, a man who desires to climb to the top of the Mundrose corporate ladder. He wants to be in the inner circle where he can be in charge and make things happen…whatever it takes. And he has what he considers a winning idea.

John Jacobs, a Christian family man and the assistant manager of a trucking company, is at church on Sunday when something happens…he hears God speak to him. “Take the turning…and walk the unlikely road.” John is not the only one who hears God’s voice that Sunday. Five Christians with their own unique stories get the same message. Five lives are drawn together to experience a challenge that threatens personal loss and difficulty.

Each person knows God has spoken, but they find themselves unsure what to do with the call. Step-by-step God unifies their thinking and reveals His purpose as they follow Him. Together they are emboldened to fight against an evil ideology that steals hope. As they obey, prayer support comes. It’s not a likely road nor an easy battle, but strength appears at every turn.

The story challenges us to realize that as Christians we must not sit back in silence when evil is afoot. God may call us to stand strong against a specific evil in our community or nation. We need to be ready with prayer, and obedience to our Lord. God works through the hands and feet, and words of his people. He becomes their strength giving them direction as they obey Him and peace in the midst of trouble.
I’d definitely recommend The Turning as a good read for Christian folk seeking to follow the Lord.

I liked the short chapters; these helped me when I had small spurts of reading time. Several distracting editorial errors appeared in chapter 12, as well as a few later. But once I got into the story, error ceased to distract as interest in the content held my attention.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher for my honest review. While this book is one I might not have chosen this book on my own, I’m glad I had the opportunity to read it. I plan to read more by Davis Bunn.